About Us

Formerly Cindy Valdez Studio

Migration of Matter started as the research project of Cindy Valdez in 2018, in which she explored the historical and design journey of the humble potato from her home country, Peru, to her adopted country, Germany. She found a rich but demanding story about the loss of certain plant species due to the commercialisation of food production.

The first collection, Biophilia, is inspired by the shapes of biodiversity that Cindy found in this journey and brings to life foods that most consumers will never find in a market.

As the team expanded, Cindy Valdez studio was rebranded as Migration of Matter. The studio combines classic ceramics craftsmanship and digital manufacturing by use of a custom-built 3D ceramic printer.

The Migration of Matter 3D printer is able to achieve industry-setting consistency and quality while remaining economical, introducing an exciting opportunity to bring this medium to tables around the world.

Each piece is lovingly researched and designed digitally before being "printed" in the Berlin studio, and then handfinished. We often preserve the traces left by the printing technique as homage to the medium.

A journey from Peru to Germany: Migration of Matter

  • Cindy Valdez - Cofounder

    Cindy Valdez was born in Perú, where he spent most of his childhood and adolescence, before moving to Berlin.Her creativity and way of work are inspired on everyday life stories, she enjoys working with personal experiences and problems, which she can translate into design. She really keen on going back in time in order to create new elements that aid a more humanly manner to develop her designs. They are inspired by places, people, traditions, habits, stories that greatly influence her design process.Due to that, she has traveled and worked in verticals such as social design and art enjoying working in diverse environments and exchange knowledge and experiences. Her academic experience has provided her with great knowledge and the external internships have helped her to grow as a professional and have exposed her to many different viewpoints.

  • Nick Perillo - Cofounder

    Nicholas Perillo is an artist and designer from Melbourne, Australia where he received numerous accolades for his early works, including two Design Institute of Australia, Graduate of the Year Awards in 2018. Inspired by a more speculative and creative approach, Perillo departed from traditional product design early in his career to explore and experiment with bigger ideas that didn’t necessarily have any immediate utility. Perillo’s determination and creative and technical ability eventually culminated in the creation of the original prototype for MORPH.

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  • Elena Fuetsch - Business Advisor

    Elena Fuetsch started advising Migration of Matter in 2022 after being inspired by what she saw being created by Cindy and Nick. She believes there's an exciting potential in 3D printed ceramics to break the aesthetic trend of "minimalism derived from process."