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Migration of Matter

Waqachi Vase

Waqachi Vase

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Waqachi vase is inspired by the shape of the “Mother in Law” potato (Papa de la Suegra).This variety is typical of the Andean of Peru, at 4500 meters above sea level, where in Quechua language, it is called “llunchuy waqachi”. This potato has a peculiar bulky and very organic shape, which makes it very difficult to peel. It is said that in some areas of the Andes, mothers-in-law often challenge their future daughters-in-law to peel it. If they succeed, they will be able to marry the chosen man. 

  • Big: H 26cm x 19cm x 14cm; 2.04kg
  • Medium: H 21cm x 17cm x 11cm; 1.4kg
  • Mini: H 13.5cm x 12cm x 8cm; 0.5kg
  • Material: Stoneware ceramic
  • Watertight

    Our products will have slight variations from the pictures shown due to the artesanal nature of production. The Value Added Tax (VAT) is not collected, as small businesses according to §19 (1) UStG. plus Shipping Costs

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