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Your voice counts!

Your voice counts!

here... it`s about been honest

   What is being an entrepreneur? What does it really mean?

What does it mean to be an entrepreneurial woman of color in a European country? How much cheap, misleading, and exploitative marketing I see all the time today in #networks. How much are you able to sacrifice to really get there, what does it mean to have an idea and have the balls to prototype it, what does it mean to run a project without the need of investors, who most of them, at the end only want you to reach a certain number. Why do you have to start with a huge team, when you are the first one who must understand absolutely all the areas of your business, from the first prototype, the technology, and the economics of it.

  What does it mean to risk everything, because you never had everything,

 what does it mean to work 24/7 because it's the only thing you know, from a migrant worker. What does it mean to be exploited and mistreated by your bosses because they think you don't have a voice.
What does it mean to see your own people minimised because they don't speak a language, don't understand a system, and don't look physically like someone from here.

It is something I have not seen in most entrepreneurs here, who do you think you are and how much are you willing to risk?

There are businesses and ideas that have been in development for years and founders that are really single-handedly involved in every part of it. It will be slow growth, but it will be yours, and your defeats will be yours and your battles won will be yours. For me, this is being an entrepreneur, defending your ideas, your rights and your ideals. Many people will like you, others will not, but in the end, you do not invent who you are not.
Someone once told me in a competition I won, that I should never stop being who I´m, because that, no matter what, is the most important thing. So if you are going to start a business, don't stop being who you are, don't stop fighting for what you really believe in and don't stop being quiet because your voice counts!

I still have a lot of energy to give, always being myself and speaking my mind.

Migration of Matter_3D Printed ceramics tableware Berlin_bespoke tableware_Micro factory

  Thanks for the amazing photos to my talented friend Alessandra Chastalo (Brasil) 


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