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About us

Clay, design & nature


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Include a brief quote from a brand that loves your products

Include a brief quote from a brand that loves your products

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Our Story


Embark on a captivating journey with Migration of Matter, a visionary Design Ceramics Manufacturing Berlin studio that transcends the boundaries of ceramics.

Founded by Cindy Valdez in 2023, this remarkable venture began as a research project centered around the fascinating narrative of the potato. From Peru to Germany, Cindy traced the humble potato's historical and design evolution, unearthing a compelling story of plant species loss due to commercialization in food production.

The Journey

Formerly Cindy Valdez Studio

In collaboration with Mater Iniciativa and Mil Centro, led by renowned Chef Virgilio Martinez of the Central restaurant in Lima, Peru (ranked No. 1 in The World's 50 Best in 2023), Cindy's intense research took her from the mountains of Moray, Peru, to new heights of inspiration.

The inaugural collection, Biophilia, draws inspiration from the diverse forms found in biodiversity along Cindy's journey. It brings to life culinary treasures that are often overlooked by the average consumer. As the team grew, Cindy Valdez's studio evolved into Migration of Matter, reflecting their commitment to exploring the intersection of craftsmanship, digital manufacturing, and 3D printed ceramics.

Each piece is meticulously researched and digitally designed before being brought to life through our 3D ceramic printing in our Berlin studio. The finishing touches are then applied by hand, honoring the medium by preserving the traces left by the printing technique.

At Migration of Matter, we strive to blend classic ceramics craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, creating unique and meaningful products. Our focus extends beyond mere functionality; we aim to engage customers in a deeper dialogue about sustainability, biodiversity, and the value of preserving heritage through design.

Explore our collections and experience the fusion of traditional artistry and digital innovation that defines Migration of Matter. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the beauty and significance of ceramics in our lives and homes.

The people behind

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